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The trainers
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The Jerusalem Boxing Club has two trainers - Gershon and Eli Luxemburg. The trainers - highly qualified professionals -- are former champions of the USSR. Both started their boxing careers in the city of Tashkent, under the outstanding coach Sidney Jackson - a world champion born in New York. The Jackson school, which began in Uzbekistan, is still widely known for its graduates who have gone on to win Olympic, European and world championships.

Eli Luxemburg is a graduate of the High Institute for Sports in Uzbekistan. His resume as a teacher and a trainer goes back 35 years.

Eli has worked as a trainer in Tashkent, Kishinev and Leningrad with groups of children, youth and adults. He has participated in 186 matches, winning 162 of them. He is a former champion of Tashkent, Uzbekistan, Mid-Asia and Kazakhstan. He won the USSR championship twice.

Gershon's achievements include: seven times Israeli champion, twice Maccabee semi-heavyweight champion and winner of several international tournaments. A graduate of the University of Uzbekistan and of the Wingate Sports Institute boxing trainers course, Gershon's resume as a trainer goes back 30 years.

After making aliya in 1972, Eli and Gershon have trained the Israeli national boxing team in several important international tournaments.